What is a Digest Email and how to set it up?

In this article, you will learn how you can set up a digest email.

On Marketcube, all activity updates and notifications that need attention are sent via email individually as and when they occur. Digest email is an automated email that is generated to update you with a summarized list of activities that require your attention. It is an easy way to have an uncluttered inbox instead of receiving notifications every now and then for every activity. 

How to set up the digest email:

1. Log into your Operator account >> Click on the Settings Icon.

2. Navigate to Notifications >> Click on Digest Email.

3. Select your preferences for Digest Emails by clicking on the Enable button.

4. Set your preferences >> Click on Save.

  • When would you like to receive the digest email: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

  • How often do you want us to knock at your email: Select the day on which you want to receive the email

  • Let us set up our clocks for your personalized digest email: Set the time

  • What would you like to be covered in your digest email: Select the Category, Product, Order & Vendor

    Here is an example how the digest email looks like:

    Order Digest Email:

    Product Digest Email:


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