Customize Email Template

In this article, you will learn how you can customize the emails which your vendors receive.

Customising an email refers to modifying emails which are sent from Marketcube to the vendors as per operator's discretion by adding links, texts, and fonts of your choice.

This feature allows and enables the store operator(s) to customize their emails and have full control over all information shared with their vendors via emails.

How to create customised emails:

1. Log into your Marketcube account >> Click on the  'Settings Icon'.

2. Click on ' Notifications' and then >> Click on 'Customize Email Templates'.

3. You will the be redirected onto the page where you can customize multiple emails which are sent to your vendors. 

Email customization is divided into categories given below:

1. Vendor;

-  Forgotten Password

-  Registration Confirmation

-  Supplier Application Successful

-  Verify Email

2. Product;

- Product (s) reviewed and approved (Supplier)

- Product (s) reviewed and deleted (Supplier)

- Product (s) edit approved (Supplier)

- Product reviewed and rejected(Supplier)

- Product (s) submitted for Review

3. Order:

-  Seller accepts orders on behalf of the supplier

-  Seller rejects order on behalf of the supplier

-  Collect Detail For Customer

-  New order received (For Supplier)

-  Re-Initiates Return

-  Return Initiated

-  Accepted Reject Return

4. Notification :

- Shipment Done by Seller on behalf of supplier

4. To customize emails related to the Vendor, Order, Product, and Notifications please click on ' Show' and then >> Click 'Edit' for the email that needs to be customized.

5. You can edit the ' Subject' and 'Message' in the email.

Note: The highlighted texts in brackets  ({ }) are fetched by the system.


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