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In this article, we will explain how operators can mute email notifications.

Marketcube triggers an email to the operators and vendors when they perform marketplace activities using the app, these emails are what we regards as notifications. The benefit of having this notification feature is that if you are not a frequent user of Marketcube and do not visit your Marketcube profile regularly then you can be notified of activity through email.

However, sometimes, Operators and Vendors do not want to be notified via email due to reviving an influx of emails or due to not requiring updates on all activities. In such circumstances they can mute these email notifications. Once the notifications are muted, Marketcube will not send emails to Operators and Vendors on the various activities like new orders, bulk upload, etc.

Steps to mute email notifications:

1. Log into your Marketcube account>> Click on the Settings Icon.

2. Navigate to the Notifications Panel >> Click on Show >> Click Notifications.

3. Operators can either mute all email notifications by Clicking on the green Mute All button or they can Mute specific email notifications, by clicking on the red mute button located next to the notification they would like to stop receiving updates on.

A key point to remember:

Operators can not mute email notifications for the vendors from their dashboard (Operator Account). Vendors will have to mute it from their dashboard (Vendor Account) themselves.


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