How to Manage Order Export?

In this article, we will explain what an Order Export is and how to generate one.

Marketcube's order export feature allows you to export a list of your all orders to a single CSV or PDF file. The Operator can export all of their orders in a single go, to have complete order data in a single file.

You can also manage the order export by replacing the current values with the new values or hiding the not-required columns in the CSV or PDF.

How to generate an Order Export:

1. Log into your Marketcube account >> Click on the  Settings Icon and Click on the Show button for the Orders panel >> Manage Order Export

2. In the list you can see all the available labels for an order.  An operator can add the new label's name in the textbox provided ( In case the operator wants to change the name of the current label) and also can hide the columns ( completely or partially) that you do not want to see in the exported   CSV or PDF by selecting the check boxes >> Click Update and save it. 

4. Once done, Go to the Orders section and click on Export Order >> Export All Or Selected Orders >> Generate.

NOTE: You can still customize the export if required by clicking on Customize export.

5. Select the Format as CSV Or PDF and Download the file. Once downloaded you will be able to see the CSV or PDF with the fields you want.

Here is the sample CSV with only the visible fields. All the hidden fields cannot be seen in the CSV.

Similarly, the export can be downloaded as a PDF. Here is the sample PDF with only the visible fields.


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