How to configure what customer details your vendors can see?

In this article, you will learn how you can manage your customer details.

By default, customer email address and contact number are sent to your vendors for all orders. If you do not wish to share your customer's email address and contact number with your vendors then you can hide these details from your vendors by adding your own email address and contact number. 

How to hide the information from your Vendors:

1. Log in to your Marketcube Account >> Click the  Settings Icons.

2. Navigate to the Orders Panel >> Click on  Show >> Click Manage Customer Details.

3. By default the checkbox is unchecked, which means your customer's email address and contact number on all orders will show to your vendors under orders. 

4. You have the option to update one or both fields (either hide just the email address or phone number of the customer or hide both). 

Once updated with the email address and contact number, the provided email address and contact number will show on all the upcoming orders from thereon which means upcoming orders will be passed on to the vendor without the customer details.

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