How to delete a vendor and their products

In this article, you will get to know how to delete a vendor and their products from an operator store.

Vendors can be deleted by operators in Marketcube. The deletion of vendors leads to the deletion of their products from Marketcube and/or Shopify depending upon the operator's choice.

How to delete a Vendor:

1. Log in to the operator's Marketcube app.>> Click on Vendors tab.

2.  Navigate to the vendor you wish to delete and click on Manage Button >> Select the vendor you want to delete from your marketplace & click on Delete.

3.  From the pop-up choose how you want to delete the associated products from the vendor:

I.) From Shopify and Marketcube both or
II.) Only from Marketcube

At the time of deletion, a popup will appear asking you whether you want to delete products from Marketcube and Shopify both or only from Marketcube.

Note: If you choose to delete the vendor and not their products from Marketcube the products associated with that vendor will still exist on Shopify but as an orphan product. This means there will be no associated vendors and the orders for those products will not sync into Marketcube.

If a vendor is deleted from Marketcube and there is an order for that vendor which is unfulfilled then the order belonging to deleted vendor will be marked as rejected on the order page.


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