How to add geolocation to products

Once Geolocation Tagging is enabled by the Operator, Vendors can now tag products to specific cities. Product geolocation tagging is defined to assign products to specific locations. This can be defined for each product - each variant for an existing product or while adding a new product.

Adding Geolocation Tagging to Products by Vendors

To add product geolocation tagging, please follow the below mentioned steps-

  1. In the product form field, go to Variants, and click on 'Add Variant'.

  2. You will notice that a 'select locations' option will appear. If you click on this, a drop-down will open with a list of all the locations.

  3. You can select a location to make the product available for the selected location only.
  4. If in case you wish to offer this product to customers of multiple cities, you can select multiple locations as well and define SKU, Barcode, and Inventory for these specific locations.

  5. Click on the 'Save & Next' button to proceed.

Important Note:

  • In case of a product with variants, each location product is added as a variant.

    For example, in the example above we had 2 variants for the product - one for London location and the other one for Northampton location. Now, if in case the product has 3 variants of size (Small, Medium and Large), and it is available at 2 locations, the total number of variants will be 3x2=6. Each size variant for both of the cities.

  • If geolocation tagging is defined for specific locations, the product will be available only to customers of those locations.
  • If geolocation tagging is not defined for the products, product will be available for all the locations.
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