How to manage Invoice number prefix?

In this article you will learn what an invoice number is and how you as an Operator, can manage the prefix of your invoice numbers.

What is an Invoice ?
An Invoice is a formal document or bill that allows you to get paid for your goods or services.

What is an Invoice number?
An Invoice number is simply a unique record number assigned to each Invoice you issue. Invoice numbers are useful for both accounting and payment tracking purposes, especially if the multiple invoices are issued every month.

Why is managing the prefix of the Invoice number useful for the Operator?
Since, multiple invoices are generated every month, it will be beneficial for the Operator if the invoice number(s) have a common prefix and is consecutive in nature.

How to manage Invoice number prefix?

  • Log into your Operator's Marketcube account >> Click on Settings icon.

  • Navigate to Payments >> Click on Manage Invoice Visibility.

  • Go to Manage Invoice Number settings.

  • In the Invoice Number Prefix field, enter the desire prefix for your invoice number(s) >> Click on Update.

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