Getting Started with our GraphQL API

Accessing our GraphQL API u simple as it only requires you to have a live subscription to our platform and which then given you access to our playground to test all the API queries.

You can also access the API using POSTMAN or INSOMNIA, for which out team that provide you with collections to test out, however you will need to add in an access token and key to be able to run the calls to our API, the process is explained below:

To access the API, first you will need to generate an external password.

Steps to generate external password:

1. Enter this URL

2. Click on forget password.

3. Enter your email id.

4. You will receive a link on your email to set up your password.

5. Once this is done, you can enter the id and password on the login page.

6. Once you've created the external password then open this link to access: .

7. Enter the login credentials used for login. Documents can be accessed using the schema section on the side.

8. Using the login end point, take the login token and use that, login API is also mentioned in the document as well.

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