How to self-register on marketplace as a seller?

In this article, we will learn how a seller can self register themselves on a operator's marketplace using the Marketcube platform.

A vendor/seller is an independent supplier who wishes to sell their products or services through a single seller's storefront. Registering with allows a vendor to upload and manage their inventory, view and fulfill orders, monitor sales, and more.

Vendors can join the marketplace using the Marketcube app with or without an invitation from the operator. But if he joins the platform without an invite then he will not be associated with any operator and none of his products will be published on any store.

So in order to get associated with any operator, the vendor needs to join the marketplace via Marketcube app using the link shared by the operator.

How to self-register as a vendor:

1.  Login into and click on Register Here.

2. Register yourself as a vendor.

3. Verification email will be triggered on the email id. The vendor needs to verify the email address. A verification email is sent to check the authenticity of the email.

4. Once the email is verified, the vendor will be redirected to the login page.

5. And from here, after adding the credentials, you will be logged into the vendor account.

Key Points to Remember:

1. If the vendor is joining the platform directly using this option, they will have to associate with an operator.

2. In order to create the association, the operator needs to contact


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