Different Order Status in Marketcube

This article will discuss the various order status in Marketcube for the orders.

To access the order tab & to access the "Orders" section, where you can see all the orders & then able to manage the different status & track them. Follow the below steps:- 

1. Login as an Operator/Vendor >> Click on "Orders"

2. Now you'll be able to see the list of the order available on your store:- 

3. There are multiple order statuses are available i.e. 

  • New:- A new Order received from the customer.  
  • Accepted:- Vendor has given the confirmation that they will be going to fulfill it.  
  • Partial:- Few order line items (for multi-vendor order) has been marked as "Accepted"/"Rejected" (might be from same vendor or from different vendors). 
  • Rejected:-  If vendor has decline to fulfill the order & mark it as rejected. 
  • Shipped:- If the complete order has been marked as fulfilled from the vendors.  
  • Delivered:-  Once the order is delivered to the customer then as an Operator/Vendor you can mark the order as 'Delivered' once it has been delivered. 
    • Follow the steps to mark order as Delivered:-
      • Click on manage w.r.t. order >> Select 'Mark as Delivered' (as shown in the screenshot below).

      • Then the order will be marked as Delivered (as shown in the screenshot below. Refer order number #1023)

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