How to process Request for Quote

In this article, we will discuss the Request for Quote functionality and how it works.

What is a Request for Quote?

In E-Commerce platforms, RFQ refers to “Request for Quote” which allows the customers to request a quote from the respective vendor. The Marketcube vendor or operator will manage the whole process of Request for Quote.  

The vendor/ operator will then manage the price as per the customer's request and share the quoted price with the customer. After accepting the quoted price, the customer will create an order with the quoted price and the vendor can fulfill the same. 

How to process Request for Quote:

1. When a customer clicks on the "request a quote" button, it will redirect them to the login page where they can log in simply by entering their Email and Password. If they don't have an existing account then they need to create an account by clicking on the "Create account".

2. After a successful sign-in, the customer can request a quote for any product from the product page by clicking on the "Request a quote" button.

3. Once the customer clicks on the "Request a Quote" button then a new window will pop up where customer details are automatically fetched from their account and they need to fill the information in the "Message" input box. Then they click on the "Submit" button to send the request.

Note: Message field is mandatory to fill.

4. Once the customer submits the request then the vendor/ operator will receive the customer's request and can check it under the "Quotes" tab in their Marketcube account. Here, the vendor/ operator can check the list of all the requests generated by customers for multiple services. 

5. The request will have three statuses i.e.

A. New Request:  For the new requests the vendor/ operator can perform actions like "View Message, Send a Quote, Chat with Customer, and Reject Quote" By clicking on the View Message.

B. Approved Request: The vendor/ operator can perform actions like View orders and chat with the customer for the approved requests.

C. Rejected Request: For the rejected requests the vendor/ operator can not perform any action and there won't be any manage button.

6. "Chat with customer"- By clicking on the Chat with RFQ button, a chatbox will appear using which the vendor/ operator can send messages to the customer. The customer will further receive an email for the same.

7. "Reject Quote"- By clicking on the Reject Quote button, the request will get rejected. A message will appear as "Quote is rejected successfully.".

8. "Send a Quote"

  • When the operator/vendor clicks on the "Send a Quote"  button, then a new window will pop up where they can approve the customer quote or they can send a fresh quote to the customer.
  • If the operator/vendor wants some advance from the customer then he needs to check the "Deposit payment" checkbox, and once he checks it then a new section will open where they can enter the figure of the advance amount.
  • Once the "Quoted Price" & "Deposit Amount" is updated then click on the "Send a Quote" button to send the quote to the customer then an email will be triggered to the customer and the order will be generated automatically with the quoted amount.

9. Once the operator/vendor clicks on the "Send a Quote" button then the order will be generated automatically with the quoted amount. They can check the order under the "Orders" tab

Note: If the operator/vendor enables the Deposit Payment checkbox then two orders will create one for the deposit amount and another for the pending amount. However, if he does not enable it then only one order will be created for the pending amount.

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