Marketcube API Access

In this article, you'll be able to know how you can get the Marketcube API access using the Marketcube Dashboard

To get Marketcube API Access users must have a subscription for either $899 or $1299. 

Steps to be followed for the API Access:-

1. On the operator's Marketcube dashboard go to the Home >> Marketcube API Access >> Click on Request for API Access.

2. Once done with Step-1 the status will change to ' Pending' (as shown in the screenshot below). 

3. Marketcube team will receive the request for the activation & for the enabling of the API access for the Operator. 

4. Once the Marketcube team enables the API request then the Operator will receive the email, as well as the status, will be changed on the Marketcube dashboard as "Enabled" (as shown in the screenshot below).

5. Once 'Enabled' then the operator can reveal the API token post by clicking on "Reveal API Token". 

6. Operator will also be able to access the GraphQL playground using the link added to the dashboard (using the Marketcube Operator's account credentials). 

7. Operators can also able to view the API documentation from the link added in the dashboard. 

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