How to Manage Operator-Vendor & Vendor-Buyer Chat?

In this article, we will learn how an operator can manage the chat between vendor-operator and vendor-buyer.

How to manage chat between an operator and vendor.

1. Log into your Marketcube operator account.
2. Click on the settings icon >> select User >> Manage Chat >> Enable chat between vendor and operator.

3. By default, chat option would be enabled but the operator can disable or enable it as per requirement at any moment.

4. If the vendor & operator chat option is enabled, then the operator gets the Chat Inbox option in Marketcube under                Vendors tab.

If the vendor & operator chat option is enabled, then the operator have option of Initiate Chat inside Manage tab towards right side of selected vendor.

5. If you disable the chat between operator-vendor then the initiate chat option will not be available under manage option.

How to manage chat between vendor and buyer.

An operator needs to activate the vendor brand pages functionality via Marketcube in order to facilitate the vendor-buyer chat. Once it will be activated on your Marketcube account only then in front-end store chat option will be available to the  end customers.

In the Operator's Marketcube account you need to "Enable chat between vendor and customer" for vendor buyer chat on your Shopify store frontend.

6. Now whenever a customer visits your online store and selects any product, on top vendor name will be shown to the customer. Click on the vendor name and the customer will get the chat option.

7. After clicking on the vendor name vendor chat option will appear to customers at the bottom of the page.

8. Click on vendor chat and it will ask for the customer's name and email, after providing both details in the field the buyer        can initiate the chat with vendor.

 NOTE: 1. Operator will not be able to participate in the vendor-buyer chat and respond on the same.
             2. An email will be triggered to both vendor & buyer if they will be offline after initiating the chat.

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