Single vendor association with multiple operators.

In this article we will see how a single vendor can register itself with multiple operators and its flow.

Here a single vendor can associate with multiple operators with same email id. There can be multiple vendors associated with multiple operators and all vendors will be treated as a separate entity.

There can be a single vendor associated with multiple operators and for each operator this vendor will be treated as a separate entity. 

Multiple ways to add vendors.

1. On operator side under Vendors >> Add vendors.

2. Several ways of adding vendors.

  • Invite vendor to self register using our form.

  • Bulk invite vendors using a CSV.

  • Create vendors yourself using our form.

  • Bulk create vendors yourself using a CSV.

  • Generate vendor registration link.
3. After clicking on "Add vendors" >> we will choose the option as Create vendor using our form.
Let's take an example, there is an operator (OP1) and a vendor (V1). So V1 registers under OP1 with all the details required for registration. After providing all the necessary details V1 is successfully registered with OP1.
Note:- Brand handle is always unique with an email id, if a vendor registers with 2 or more operators then the email id can be the same but "brand handle" should always be unique.
So as V1 is registered successfully with OP1, now V1 can add products and list them on marketcube and can get orders.
Note:- Brand handle is generated automatically based on brand name and can also be edited . But Marketcube always considers the Brand handle as unique if the same email is used. Also if the brand name is unique then an automatically unique brand handle can be generated.
4. Now V1 also wants to register with OP2, here when V1 enters the details required for registration.
5. In case V1 has already registered with OP1 and now V1 enters the same brand handle with OP2, then when the save button is clicked then it will show an error message as "Duplicate data found for brand handle".
6.  So when V1 is already associated with OP1 and after fulfilling the criteria of a unique brand handle with OP2 operators and V1 adds a different brand handle with the same email id then the user will get a message as  "User registered successfully",
7. So once V1 is registered with OP1 and OP2 successfully with a unique brand handle and same email id, then the vendor will receive a mail on an email. 
Note:- As the email id of the vendor is same with both operators, all emails will be received on a single email, with different operator's account name.
8. Now V1 vendor received email from their associated operator on a single email id, they need to open mail individually and there will be an auto-generated password for both associated accounts with operators.
9. So once V1 login with the email and auto-generated password, the user will be redirected to a new page. Here user needs to enter the new password and confirm the same password. Once the password is changed there will be a password changed successful message.
10. So now V1 has set a new password with OP1. In case V1 sets the same password for OP2, then an error message will be displayed as "This password is already used please enter a different password".
Note:- As V1 has 2 accounts with 2 different operators, in order to login into any marketcube account. Password should be different as the same email id is used.
11. Products and orders of vendors are individual and are only associated with the respective operators their is no sync in vendor accounts. 
12. In case V1 wants to change the password after logging in, then V1 cannot keep the password same which is used with OP2. if the same is used then an error will appear as "Password should be different".
13. In case when V1 forgets the password on the login page and clicks on "Forgot password" then on new page he needs to enter the email and choose an account type and brand handle from the dropdown, which is unique. And then needs to click on the "Reset password" button.
14. Once he clicks on reset password then on his mail he will receive a reset password link on his email associated with the vendor name.
15. Once the vendor opens the link, user need to enter the "New password" and "Confirm password". And then need to click on the reset password button then a message will be shown "Password changed successfully".
14. If the auto-verify email is unchecked while registering the vendor, then he needs to verify the email first, which can be done on the login page by clicking on "Resend verification email" where he needs to provide email id, account type, and brand handle. Once he clicks on the "Resend verification email" button, then he will receive an email on his registered email id and from there email verification can be done,
16. Once he clicks on the email verification link received on the email id. Then a message of "Email verification is done successfully" message is shown on a new window. 
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