How to manage order information for vendor live connected stores

In this article, you will learn how an operator can manage the order details for their vendor's live connected store.

An operator can hide single, partial or complete details that are mentioned in this functionality. The information which you can hide as an operator is the Shipping address, Order notes, Billing address, and Customer details. Once you select which information you want to show afterword's only, only that information regarding the new orders will be received by the vendor in their live connected store.

How you can manage order information:

1.  Log in as an Operator>> Click on the Settings Icon >> Navigate to Orders >>  Click Show >> Click Manage Order Details.

2. Select  Manage Order Details >> Click on the button to enable the respective information. Once this is enabled it will show as green.

3. In this Screenshot above, you can see I have selected only two options: Shipping Address and Order notes. Here in the screenshot below, you will see exactly how this reflected.

(a) How new order details are shown in the Operator's account.

(b) How it looks on the vendors end, only enabled details will be visible, such as Order notes and Shipping address.

(c). In this screenshot you can see the vendor's live connected store and here vendor has not received billing information and contact details in the contact information. In contact information the email provided is the operator's email id as the operator has hidden the customer information so he has to include an alternate email id, which in this case, he has used his own.

Reference Article:-  How to configure what customer details your vendors can see?

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