Marketcube App Installation in Shopify

In this article, we will explain to you how you can install the Marketcube app in your Shopify store as a marketplace owner.

Please follow the below steps to install the "Marketplace in a Box" app. 

  • Step 2. Select Proceed as Marketplace Operator (as shown in the screenshot below):-

  • Step 3. Register here to connect your Shopify account with Marketcube (as shown in the screenshot below) and manage vendors, products, and orders.

  • Once you get successfully registered go ahead and open the email received & verify your email address (as shown in the screenshot below):- 

  • Now login into your Marketcube account using the link Marketcube Login URL , you'll be seeing the screen mentioning the steps that need to be followed for completing the Marketcube App Installation in your Shopify store (as shown in the screenshot below). 

  • Steps to visit Shopify App Listing:- 

  • Follow the instruction listed on the Marketcube for the successful app installation. Now, refer to the attached video for the further steps that need to be followed. 
  • Video Link:- Marketcube App Installation
  • Choose any plan as per your requirements and approve the same in the next step for billing. 

  • Now click on Proceed To Checkout. (as shown in the screenshot). 

  • Enter your card details in the box which you want to use for the subscription >> Click Next >> Click Subscribe. 

  • Your Marketcube app has been successfully installed. You can now complete the onboarding steps & access your Operator's Dashboard. 

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