How different is our New UI compared to the Old UI?

We are delighted to announce that our long-awaited release for our new UI is finally here. This change will come up with a bunch of new features and settings. Allow us to walk you through the changes in the UI for which we all have been waiting for.

Old Home screen

Previously, the home screen looked like below, the main issue was that any action required to be taken on orders or products needed clicking into that particular section. We felt that this needed to be optimized. 

New Home Screen

As you can see below the new UI is now more aligned and aesthetically pleasing but more so we have focused on the following key improvements:New UIII

A: 'Manage' button: allows core functionality to be displayed on one page with a dropdown button. This will ease out the process of running a marketplace as all options related to that feature will be available in one place.


B: A 'Subscription Plan' box that will allow you to view your current plan and also allow you to upgrade with the click of a button.

C: An 'Actions' box that provides you with a shortcut to popular actions. This allows you to access actions quicker and with ease.

Old Settings Panel: Previously, the settings panel had an extensive list of actions which was not always easy to navigate through. 

New Settings Panel:

The new settings panel is a lot easier on the eye and is nicely structured into clean categories based on their functionalities. These categories can be expanded by clicking show. this makes navigation easier and faster.

Here is an example of one of the categories (Products) when expanded. As you can see descriptions are clearly presented under the blue headings and the structure is more user friendly.

Old Vendor Onboarding:

Previously, vendor onboarding appeared as three steps and had quite a dull display.

New Vendor Onboarding:

Vendor onboarding was never this easy! In our new UI, vendors get a welcome message which makes the platform more professional and eye-catching. Our new onboarding page is segregated into one step and is more visually pleasing. Step 1 requires vendors to update their brand details and add a new product. This will promote the active participation of vendors in the marketplace.

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