How to Uninstall/Delete the Marketcube app from Shopify?

In this article we will know how you can uninstall, or delete, the Marketcube application from your Shopify store. Please note that deleting the application from your store will itself unsubscribe you from Marketcube Subscription Plans, and will also delete all of your saved information from the Marketcube Platform.

Coming back to the process of uninstalling/deleting Marketcube app from your Shopify store, please read the steps below-

Steps to Uninstall/Delete Marketcube Custom App from Shopify Store

To uninstall the Marketcube Custom App that you would have installed using the Custom App Development option in Shopify, please follow the instructions listed below-

  1. Go to Shopify Settings >> Apps and sales channels.
  2. Click on Develop Apps option

  3. From the list of custom applications installed, select the Marketcube app that you've installed earlier (by a custom name).

  4. Now on the new page, under 'Overview' section, click on Uninstall button to proceed with the uninstallation of the app.

  5. Confirm the uninstall action in the next pop-up box that appears, and the app will be uninstalled.

Thus, we have now seen how to uninstall the Marketcube app from your Shopify store and unsubscribe from Marketcube.

For further question, please feel free to reach out to us on and we shall be glad to assist.

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