What are the vendor pages 2.0 template components?

In this article, you will be able to see what components are available to you when you are updating your vendor page template. Drag and Drop the component directly onto the template area to update to create your own look and feel.

You can see below all the options available for an operator to be able to update the template for a vendor page.  Under Vendor tab >> Click Show under Actions, then Click Manage Vendor Pages.

Vendor 2.0 design template components: 

  1. This will open another window with your vendor page template. You can see the Drop zone,  component, and design sections. 

  2. The following components are available for you to build your template:
    1. Banner Options,
      1. Basic Banner - 
      1. Banner with Card
    1. Media Cards
      1. Basic Card
      2. Information Card
      3. Portrait Video
      4. Video Card
    2. Slider
      1. Basic Slider
    3. Product List
      1. Product List
    4. Forms
      1. Basic Form
      2. Grid Form

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