How to update Vendor Brand Page templates?

In this article, you will learn how to update your vendor page template. This vendor page 2.0 can be used to showcase your vendor story and highlight your vendor's products. You now have the option to be able to create your own template.

As a Marketplace operator, you have the chance to be able to update the standard vendor page template. There are a number of components available for you to update the template. You can preview it, save it as a draft and also reset the template. Once you publish your template this will become the default template for all your vendors. 

Products Review Options. 

  • Log in to your Operator account and click the Vendors tab.

  • Click on Manage vendors >> Vendor Pages.

  • This will open another window with your vendor page template. You can see the Drop zone,  component, and design sections. 

  • See all the Components available for you when updating your vendor page template in this article - What are the vendor pages 2.0 template components?
    1. Once you drag and drop a component within the component area see below the options available for styling that component.  

    2. You can move the component Up or Down within your template by clicking on the arrows.
    3.  Click on the Settings icon for that component to see the styling options (as highlighted in the screenshot below).
      1. You have the following style options to update the title bottom space and container size in pixel.

      2. This is where you also update the image URL.

    4. You can update the Content on the Banner through the setting Icon, click on the setting icon and you will be able to make changes.

Components Style options in pixels Media Options
Basic Banner
  • Title Bottom Space
  • Container Size
  • Image URL
Banner with Card
  • Title Color
  • Title Font Size
  • Card Shape
  • Logo Max Width
  • Height
  • Text Color
  • Font Size
Basic Card
  • Title Bottom Space
  • Image Shape
  • Content Position
  • Image URL
  • Alt text
Information Card
  • Content Position
  • Tittle Bottom Space
  • Inner Space
  • Text Transform
  • Border Color
  • Image URL
  • Alt text
Portrait Video
  • Title Bottom Space
  • Video URL
Video Card
  • Title Bottom Space
  • Title Font Weight
  • Border Shape
  • Content Position
  • Column Position
  • Video URL
Basic Slider
  • Test Transform
  • Content Width
  • Position
  • Slide Image One URL
  • Slide Image One Alt Text 
  • Slide Image Two
  • Slide Image Two Alt Text
  • Slide Image Three
  • Slide Image Three Alt Text:
Product List
Basic Form and Grid Form
  • Form Background
  • Title Color
  • Input Background
  • Input Color
  • Input Font Size
  • Input Shape
  • Placeholder Color
  • Placeholder Font Size
  • Border Color
  • Font Size
  • Button Background
  • Hover Background
  • Color
  • Button Shape
  • Border Color
  • Hover Color
  • Hover Border Color
  • Email AddressSee the table below for all styling fields available for you to update for each component.

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