What is Starshipit?

In Drop shipping, we provide two types of shipping Calculation options:
1. Marketcube managed shipping
2. Third-party shipping
In this article, we will talk about one of the third-party managed shipping called Starshipit.

StarShipIT – TranslatorHQ
Starshipit is one of the integrated shipping and tracking solutions for any growing eCommerce businesses. Starshipit allows you to integrate with a large range of couriers and eCommerce platforms, you can streamline every step of your fulfilment process, reduce handling time, minimize errors and improve customer experience.

As a platform, we have now integrated with Starshipit so that users who want to use the shipping they set on Starshipit, can work very easily with Marketcube as we will sync those rates whenever the customers will buy the products.

The operator will have to create an account on Starshipit and will have to set up the rates in there.
The customers will pay the rates accordingly and in Marketcube, we will split the shipping cost equally among the vendors involved in that order line item.

For more information on how to configure Starshipit, Click here.                                                                                                

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