How to install Marketcube?

What you need to get started with Marketcube: 

  • You need a Shopify or WooCommerce online store to get started with Marketcube. You can start a free trial with any of the above e-commerce platforms and install Marketcube on top of it without coding.
  • You will also need your own vendors to source products or services from to sell on your marketplace. Marketcube provides all the software you and your vendors need to operate a marketplace but does not provide products themselves (you can learn more about what Marketcube does here). 

How to install Marketcube:

  • Shopify: if you have a Shopify online store follow these steps to install Marketcube.
  1. Once logged into your Shopify store select “Apps” from the side menu
  2. Then click on the "Visit Shopify App Store" button in the top right corner
  3. Search for Marketplace in a box and select the Marketplace in a box app from the results
  4. Click on ‘Install app’ to install the application
  5. Select your subscription plan and proceed to complete the installation. Marketcube offers a free trial and you won’t be charged for the first 30 days of using the application (you can cancel at any time by uninstalling the app).
  6. Fill in the required information to complete the setup. Please note you will be able to change all the details later on if you want to.
  • WooCommerce: If you have a WooCommerce online store please email us at and specify the e-commerce platform you're currently using and we will share the instructions with you. 


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