How to login to your vendor's account?

In Marketcube operators has the ability to login into their vendors' accounts in order to check their activities or to work on behalf of their vendors. In this article, we will demonstrate how marketplace operators can log into vendors' Marketcube account.

Steps to Login in your vendor account-:

  1. Log in Marketcube operator's account.


  2. Click on the Vendors tab >> Select the vendor >> Click on the Manage button >>Click on Log In.

3. Marketcube provides functionality to operators to get logged in to their associated vendor's account as Read-Only or by Full Access.

  • The read-only option only provides view-only access and does not allow operators to make or save any changes.

 Only Read Access- This will give you read-only access to vendors' accounts. Operators would be able to view all the settings and details using read-only access (as shown below). 

Full Access- Once the operator clicks on Full access, an access code is sent on the registered email ID of the operator. You will need to enter that access code and then Click on Confirm.

  •   Key points to remember:1. The access code is sent on the registered email id of the operator. The access code is valid only for 30 minutes.

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