What are the fulfillment models in Marktetcube?

In this article, you will learn about the various order fulfillment models which Marketcube provides to help the operators and vendors to fulfill their orders.

In a Marketplace, Order fulfillment is one of the most critical factors of any business. So it is important to choose the right fulfillment model to ensure that deliveries are made on time. 

The fulfillment model helps the operator to decide what type of shipping option he wants to use. If the operator wants vendors to deal with the shipping, they can opt for dropshipping. If the operator wants to manage to ship themselves, they can go for consignment.

In Marketcube, we have two types of fulfillment models:

  1. Dropship
  2. Consignment Ship
  3. Consignment Pickup
  4. Click and Collect
  5. Click and Reserve
  6. Time-Based Services
  7. Hybrid

The operator can decide which model they want to use for their marketplace.

Let us understand these fulfillment models:

  1. Dropshipping Model:
    Using this model, the operator receives the order and the vendor fulfills the order directly to the customer. Under the drop-ship model, the operator does not keep the records of shipping and the entire responsibility of shipping is upon the vendors.

           Dropshipping includes two shipping methods for calculating shipping charges.
             -  Marketcube Managed Shipping 
             -  Third-Party Shipping (On-demand we do bespoke integration with third-party shipping logistics.
  2.  Consignment Model: Consignment is the act of consigning which means the act of giving over to another person a charge or custody of the product. 
    When using the consignment model, the vendor does not ship the products directly to the customer. He ships the products to the address defined by the operator and then the operator ships the product to the customer. 
    Marketcube provides the operator with an option to select between these two models of shipping.

    Steps to select a fulfillment model:
    1. Log in as an Operator.

    2. Click on the Settings tab.


    3. Click on show under the Fulfilments pannel >> Click on Fulfillment.

    Fulfilment mod

    4. By default, Dropshipping is selected. Users can select consignment as a model of fulfillment by clicking on it.

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