Create Vendors in bulk using a CSV

In this article, we will discuss how to create multiple vendors in bulk using a CSV.

On Marketcube vendors/sellers are added to sustain a marketplace. Operators must invite vendors to Marketcube to run a multi-vendor marketplace. Marketcube provides multiple options to add vendors:

If you have already onboarded or worked with any vendor on any other platforms and have all their details handy you may wish to onboard them yourself on Marketcube, You do this using a CSV and updating all the information related to the vendor before onboarding them.

How to create vendors in bulk using a CSV: 

1. Login to your Operator Account >> Click on the Vendors tab >> Click Show for the Action Panel >> Click Add vendors under Actions Panel.

 2. From the dropdown, click on Bulk Create Vendors using a CSV.

3. Download the Sample CSV provided. Users need to only use the Marketcube CSV. CSVs in any other format will not work.

4. Sample CSV contains mentioned fields that need to be filled by the operator in order to create new vendors. Once the CSV is updated, click on Add File or you can drag and drop to upload the CSV.

5. Vendor Verification:

A vendor is required to verify their email when joining the platform however when creating a vendor you can choose to 'Auto verify vendor' thereby avoiding the need to validate their email. This is useful when you are 'creating' vendor accounts and hence is selected by default.
You can uncheck the box in case you want your vendor to verify their email.

6. Vendor access:

By default, a vendor has full write access in their account however you can set a vendor's access to be 'read only'. With 'read only' access a vendor can log into their account but they are not able to perform any create, update or delete actions ie. add or manage products and orders or change any settings

This permission can be revoked or added at any time by you after a vendor has been created. This feature is particularly useful when you are looking to manage on behalf of your vendors.

7. Click on Upload.

8. You can check the status of your bulk upload by checking Bulk Activity Log.

9. Vendors will receive an email that will contain their login id and password. Once they click on Login, they will have to set up their password.

10. As soon as Vendor clicks on Login, they will be redirected to the Vendor Onboarding page.


Key Points to remember:

1. Only the Marketcube Sample CSV should be used.

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