What are the "Manage" button options on my dashboard?

In this article, you will understand what options are available via the "Manage" button on the Operator dashboard. On the operator dashboard you have options to View, Review, and Publish products.

An Operator can View, Review, and Publish products right from the Operator activity screen.

  1. From your Operator Dashboard,  Click on Manage and select the following options:
  • View
  • Publish products
  • Review

  • Click on View,  and an operator can view the product details. An operator will have the option to update the product information presented within this section.

  • Click on Publish to Store - To push the vendor's new products to the Storefront operator needs to publish the products once the operator does the same afterward products will be available on Shopify Store. 

  • Click on Review - If a vendor makes any changes in published products then all the products show with a review tag in the operator's account. By clicking on the review option operator can perform any mentioned action.

  • Accept and Publish, - You can accept and publish.
  • Accept and Don't Publish, - You can accept and do not publish.
  • Don't Accept Changes, - Do not accept the changes.

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