What is brand handle? How to set it up?

In this article, we will discuss brand handle, its importance, and how it can be setup.

Brand Handle is a unique name created for use with the vendor pages functionality. This is used as part of the URL which is used to access a specific vendor's profile page on operators store.

By default, a handle is the brand name's title in lowercase with any spaces and special characters replaced by hyphens (-).

When the marketplace operator creates a new vendor in Marketcube, through "create vendor yourself using our form" then the operator has to create a brand handle for its associated vendor that will be the same as the brand name. Brand Handle will always be unique for each vendor on the Marketcube platform.

Steps to add Brand Handle-: 

  1. Log in as a marketplace operator.                                                                                                                                                                   
  2. Click on the Vendors tab.Untitled-3
  3. Click Show for the Actions Panel. >> Click the Add vendors link.
  4. From the dropdown click on Create vendors yourself using our form.
  5. Once you have completed step four, scroll down to locate the brand information form. The marketplace operator will enter the Brand Name and accordingly. They will also set up the Brand Handle for their associated vendor (as shown below).
    brand handle3

Key Points to remember: 

  1. Brand Handle field will be a mandatory field ( *) field 
  2. Whenever you will add the brand name for the first time then the brand handle will automatically get filled
  3. Make sure no spaces between words.
    So for example, if your product name is “My Awesome Vendor”, then the handle would be “my-awesome-vendor”. You can think of the brand handle as the Permalink for that particular vendor's brand page.
  4. The only characters allowed are _ (underscore) and - (hyphen) and It should be in lowercase.
  5. You can change the brand handle manually by changing the value for the brand handle in the edit vendor profile section as shown in the screenshot below

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