How to set up shipping charges?

In this article, we will demonstrate various ways you can charge customers and pay your vendors for the shipping of orders.

In the process of fulfilling an order, the operator and vendor incur various Shipping costs which they cover by charging their end customers.  Operators collect these shipping charges from the customers on their Shopify Store and then they pay it to the vendors.

Operators can set up Shipping on their Shopify store and pay the desired amount to their vendors using our basic shipping functionality or alternatively they can set up a vendor managed shipping process in Marketcube and charge the same amount to the customers on their Shopify Store.

Steps to be followed to set up the shipping charges:- 

  • Log in as an Operator >> Click on the Settings Icon >> Navigate to Shipping and Fulfillments >>  Click Show >> Click Shipping.

  • No shipping charge - This is a part of basic shipping functionality. The operator sets the shipping charges himself using Shopify and keeps the entire amount. In this, he pays nothing to the vendors as shipping costs.

For example, if the customer pays $10 for shipping, the operator receives $10, and the vendor/s fulfilling the order receives $0.

  • Flat shipping charge - This is a part of basic shipping functionality. If the operator selects this option, he can charge any amount to his customer using Shopify-based shipping but when the order will come in Marketcube, the Vendor will get a specific amount for shipping which is set up by using this option.

This functionality will flat the amount each vendor receives per order shipped.

For example, if the operator sets a flat shipping charge of $2, then regardless of how much the customers pays for the shipping, each vendor fulfilling the order receives $2 for shipping.

  • Equal shipping charge split - This is also a part of basic shipping functionality. This option can be used if the operator wants to split the shipping cost equally amongst the vendors for orders which have multiple order line items from different vendors. 

The shipping amount paid by the customer is split equally between vendors.

For example, the customer pays $10 for shipping and buys two products from two different vendors, each vendor receives $5 for shipping and the operator receive $0.

  • Vendor manage shipping charges - This is a part of Advance Shipping Functionality. This option allows the vendors and the operators to set up their own shipping rates which will be applied at the point of check out. Vendors set shipping charges themselves and when the order is placed, each one of them receives the shipping amount they set. 

For example, the Operator/vendor sets the shipping charge as $10 for a product. The customer will pay $10 and the Vendor will get his share of $10 for shipping the product. 

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