How to auto add the products from the Live-connected store from vendor's Marketcube account?

In this article, we'll explain how the vendors can auto-add the products from the live-connected account. 

Marketcube provides an option for vendors to connect to their existing stores. Once the store is connected and products are synced from the live vendor ShopifyWooCommerce & Wix store.  Vendors can enable the setting to auto add products from their connected store to Marketcube. This will automatically add new products to Marketcube as soon as they are added to the connected vendor store.

What is Live Connect?

Live connect allows you to connect your live store to Marketcube. This integration syncs inventory and order management automatically for operators and vendors in real-time. Running a multivendor marketplace has never been simpler.

Steps to auto add products from live connected store:

1. Log in to Vendors Marketcube account >> Settings Tab >> Click Show under Product Panel >> Click Live Inventory Update.

2. Click 'Enable'.                                                                                                                                                

3. This will allow any new products added to the vendor's connected shop to be automatically added to the Marketcube Operators catalog.

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