How to Approve or Reject a vendor?

In this article, we will explain how an operator can Approve/Reject a vendor. Once the operator enables the review option from settings, whenever a vendor completes onboarding their application will require the operator's authorization. The operator can use this functionality to verify the vendor's details.

Use: As an operator, if you find something is missing, incorrect, incomplete, or if there is anything suspicious in the vendors application you can reject the application, put them on hold, or delete the application. If everything seems right the operator can approve the application and once approved the vendor will be able to join the marketplace. 

Note: An operator can reject the vendor application three times hence a vendor gets three chances to fill in the correct details in their application as per the operator's request.

Steps to enable this feature:

1.  Log in to your Marketcube account >> Go the Settings Icon.

 2. Navigate to Vendors  >> Click Review Vendor.

 3.  Click on the Enable button for  Review Vendor. Once you have Enabled the Review Vendor settings your vendors will be able to onboard but they will not be able to access their Marketcube account until the operator has reviewed them.

4.  Once the settings have been Enabled you can also Edit the email which your vendors will receive after submitting their application.

5. Once a vendor completes the onboarding an email (Screenshot attached)  will be sent to the operator email.

6.  Now operator will be able to review the vendors application. For reviewing the vendor application click on Manage >> Select the Review vendor

7. In the Review vendor section, an Operator can Accept, Reject or put a vendor On hold.  

8. To reject a vendor you need to mention a reason and click on Confirm.

9. The operator can put the vendor on hold by clicking  >> On Hold Vendor.

10. The operator can delete the vendor by selecting  Reject & Delete Vendor.

11. If vendor details are correct then the operator can accept the vendor application by clicking on Accept Vendor.

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