How to Enable/Disable the vendors

In this article, we will learn how an Operator can Enable/Disable the Vendors.

The Enable/Disable feature allows the operator to manage their vendors and accordingly the vendor's product will be inaccessible on the operator's Shopify store. This functionality empowers the operator to determine how long they wish to disable a vendor from their Shopify store. 

In Marketcube, disable vendor option allows the operator to restrain the vendor from performing any activity on the respective marketplace. Once an operator disables a vendor the associated products also disappear from the operator's Shopify store. The Enable option empowers the operator to permit any of their associated disabled vendors to market their product again on the marketplace.

In Marketcube, Once an operator disables a vendor from their Shopify store that particular vendor will not be able to access their Marketcube account, and when vendor tries to access the Marketcube account the message "Your account is currently unavailable. Please contact your operator" will be displayed.

The disabled vendor will be unable to add products and the products from the live connected store will also not be synced.

This feature will not affect any new vendor created within the system, by default new vendors will be marked as enabled.

How to Disable the vendors.

1. Log into your Marketcube account >> Click the Vendors tab >> Click  Manage.

2. For disabling the vendors >> Click the Disable Vendor.

3. A final confirmation message window will popup where you need to either select Do nothing or Reject Orders >> Click Confirm.

"Do Nothing": All the open orders those not been fulfilled yet for a particular vendor need to manage manually by the operator.

"Reject Orders"': All the open orders those not been fulfilled yet will go to rejected state and the operator or the vendor will not be able to fulfill it.

4. Operators can view if the vendor status is Disabled under the vendor tab in their Marketcube dashboard.

5. The products of the vendor who is Disabled, will be available as Active with "0" Zero Sales Channels on the Shopify backend as well as not available on Shopify online store for customers in the catalog.

How to Enable the vendors

1. Log into your Marketcube account >> Click the Vendors tab >> Click Manage.

2. To enable the vendors >> Click Enable Vendor.

3. The message Selected vendor enabled successfully is displayed and the vendor is enabled again.

4. Once the vendor is enabled by the operator the products will be Active on the Shopify backend as well as available in the catalog for customers in the online store.


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