What is Holiday Mode?

In this article, we will learn about the Holiday mode feature on Marketcube and how to put a vendor on holiday mode. 

What is Holiday Mode?
Most people take time off from work, whether that is to spend with their family, friends or wanting to join an event. But what can you do when stepping away from your business feels impossible?

Don't worry, you can take time off as a business owner—and sometimes, you must.

We know you love your business; you wouldn't be hustling so hard if you didn't. But occasionally stepping away from work is an important part of building a sustainable business. And with a bit of planning, your business will still be there when you get back. Think about it this way. If you never take time off, how will you feel about your business in a month? A year or so? There's nothing worse than investing all of the time and energy needed to build a business from scratch, just to burn out because you couldn’t create space for rest. Sure, your business depends on your time, but your enthusiasm for it depends on your time off.

We rounded up some strategies you can use to step away from your business to get the time off you need (and deserve!) whenever you requires.

Before you can plan for a vacation, you need to decide what time off looks like to you. Maybe you want to fully unplug for a week or two, or maybe you just need a weekend away from your business to recharge. Maybe vacation just means a break from most tasks, but you’re happy to spend an hour or two every day handling shipping and fulfilment. The duration and structure of your vacation are entirely yours to decide, and here the automating by Marketcube in the form of Holiday Mode feature comes into picture to make your vacation smooth in terms of your marketplace operation.

"Holiday Mode" gives a operator or vendor opportunity to take a break from their usual business as per their requirement.

How to enable Holiday mode:

1. Login into your Marketcube operator account >> Click the Setting Icon >> and navigate to Vendors >> Click Show.

2.  Once the Vendors subheading has expanded >> Click  Holiday Mode.

3. Select the vendor who wants to go on vacation by clicking +Add Vendor >> Select the tick box next to the name of the vendor. >> Click Add Vendor.

4. Select the Time Period for the duration of the vendor's unavailability by clicking Select Date >> Add Starting & Ending date >> Click Apply >> Click Save.5. A final confirmation message window will popup where you need to either Reject Open Orders or leave it as it for fulfilment. You can give the Reason (Optional) for Holiday Mode >> Click Confirm.6. Once the vendor is put on Holiday Mode a confirmation email will be triggered to them and all of their products will be marked as Active “0” on Sales Channel.

7. Operators can view the vendor/s who is/are put on Holiday mode under vendor tab on their Marketcube dashboard.

8. The products of the vendor who is on Holiday mode, will be available as Active with "0" Zero Sales Channels on the Shopify backend as well as not available on Shopify online store for customers in catalogue.

9. Operators can remove the Holiday Mode for vendor by following the navigation path in this step.
Login into the Operator Marketcube account -> Click Settings Icon -> Navigate to Vendors -> Click Holiday Mode -> Click the Delete Icon the dates below Time Period10. A confirmation message will be pop up when date is deleted in Time Period.  11. Once Holiday Mode is over or deleted by the operator/vendor the products will be Active on Shopify backend as well as available in catalogue for customers in online store.

12. The vendor can also perform all the actions related to Holiday Mode by navigating path demonstrated below.
Log into the Vendor Marketcube Account >> Click Settings Icon -> Navigate to User -> Click Holiday Mode.


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