What is Click and Collect Fulfilment model in Marketcube?

Marketcube offers " Click and Collect" as a fulfilment model. In this article, we will explain what is click and collect fulfilment and how to setup it. 

What is Fulfillment?
In E-Commerce platforms fulfilment refers to how an order is delivered or received by a customer. Marketcube currently offers Dropship, Consignment Ship, Consignment Pick-up, Click & Reserve and Click & Collect as fulfilment models. 

What is Click and Collect?
Click and Collect is an ecommerce model in which people purchase or select items online and pick them up in-store or at a centralized collection point. This model is designed to streamline the processes involved in making in-store purchases and payments. 

In other words, Click and Collect is a way of shopping that allows consumers to 'click' and buy online, then 'collect' at a store, by picking up their items, rather than having them delivered. This fulfillment model help consumers in fast access to their ordered items as well as saving in shipping cost.

How to configure Click & Collect:

  1. Log in as an Operator >> Click on the Settings Icon >> Navigate to Shipping and Fulfillments >>  Click Show >> Click Fulfilment.

  2. Select  Click and Collect. >> Click Save.

  3. Refer to the attached video link for your reference:-  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hA4ocg9msEAcpEtN2LP3AwrSnEOH48UQ/view?usp=sharing

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