For both you and your vendors there's multiple ways to add products. Generally the flows are exactly the same for your vendors as they are for you with the only difference being the products added by your vendors require your approval. In this article we will start the journey with vendor adding a product using a product form.

Step 1: Vendor fills in all the relevant information in the product form and hits Submit. 

Step 2: Post submitting the product vendor lands on product listing page, where they can see all of their products and status of each (New/Approved).
New - product added by vendor but hasn't been approved by you (seller), hence not available yet for sale in your store
Approved - product approved by you (seller)

Step 3 - Your Vendor: Your vendor receives an email, confirming they have submitted a product for review. 

Step 3-You: You receive an email notifying you that a new product has been submitted for review. 

You can also see all newly added products from within Marketcube app directly.

Step 4: You land on your dashboard and see newly added product. You can click into the product to see more details if you want. Once you're happy with the product you hit Publish that then adds the product to your products in Shopify (this doesn't publish the product on your site directly; you will need to follow the regular publishing journey for any Shopify product)

Step 5: Once the product has been approve vendor receives an email notifying them that the product has been approved. 

Step 6: At that point you're all set to publish your product in your store and start selling! 

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