supports importing products from your (Vendor's) Shopify store, also known as Live Connect, the following is how this functionality can be used:

Once a vendor signs into their account, for the first time, they can add products from the setup tab:

Select 'Step 2: Add product(s)'

Once on the product add screen, choose the Shopify option.

Choose 'Import products by connecting to a Shopify store'

Connect your Shopify store by adding you store name as available in your Shopify admins browser location url.

Add your store name and click on the 'connect' button. You will be asked to add login credentials for Shopify during the process. Once complete you will be bought back to the add product screen. 

Once connected the import of the products will not be added to's main product list, but to a temporary 'Shopify products' list, which can be accessed from the link as highlighted below. From this "temporary" list you can import all or selected products to the main products list for approval and publishing.

For ongoing import issues, click on the 'Import products from your shopify store' to manually to products, however updates are picked up autiomatically. This will kick of the import process in the background. When the import is completed the products can be viewed under the Products list page (menu > products).

The product list will show the connected Shopify store and will allow for importing products in the future, if not already automatically synced.

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