Commission rate is the amount a seller will expect to earn on each product's sale, from the Vendor. E.g. if you were to retail an item for $10 and were getting 20% Commission, for every sale you will earn $2.00 and will pass to your vendor $8.00.

Within there are a number of options available for setting up commission, which fall under two board categories, Standard and Advanced.

Standard Commission

Standard commission is a global setting that will be applied to all sales in your platform, against all orders. You can set the commission amount as a percentage value e.g. 20% of an order's value or a flat (fixed) fee per item in the order e.g. $1.50.

Advanced Commission

Advanced commission allows a seller more control over how commission is charged, per sale of an item, and can be set on a Category (of product) or on Vendor basis.

Category commission is set on the basis of a products category e.g. mens shoes.

Vendor commission is set on a vendor by vendor basis.

Please note: to set advanced options Vendor and Products with categories must be setup and available beforehand, else either one or both of the options will be unavailable.

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